right after the riots

Pelecanos: Yeah, right after the riots in ’68, that summer. My grandfather had another place at 14th and R [streets], which was much rougher, a lunch counter, and I was there from the time that I was super little. The bus ride down was monumental for me.

Kayla Bergeron remembered walking down 68 flights of stairs in the north tower, amid confusion and fear that there was no way out. Her final steps to safety were on an outdoor stairway, now in the museum as the stairs. When I think about those stairs, what they represent to me is resiliency, she said..

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Essentially, it’s a “fresh start,” with a completely new cast and setting.Kaede Akamatsu has woken up in the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles, with no idea of how or why she’s there or why the school is covered in barbed wire and overgrown with vegetation. She soon discovers fifteen other students in the same boat as her: uniquely talented individuals all trapped in the school with no recollection of what happened before that. It’s not long before everyone’s favorite murder mascot Monokuma reappears with five of his cubs in tow, ready to start an all new killing game.

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I was physically abused as a little boy growing up. Then my father abandoned me when I was nine years old. The lack of a father to help validate me, to love me, and a man I could love, left a void and empty hole inside of me which I will never be able to fill.

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