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Studio B features a Neve Mixing board previously owned by Pete Townshend. Studio A features an 80 input mixing board. “We can handle huge projects,” Rennick stresses. Bring your kite if you’ve got one or purchase one at the South Portland Historical Society’s museum gift shop. Kite flying experts will be on hand for tips and workshops, and there will also be food and drinks on sale, as well as a barbecue at the museum. And Bug Light will be open for tours..

Need to get up and move or something so I can get dressed and go to voice in half an hour. First I think I skip back to the cool parts of this movie, such as the electrical storms. I have this urge to see San Francisco burn to a crisp again, does that make me violent.

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That’s a bit more than the average La Z Boy!Believe it or not, one of the most expensive antiques in the world happens to be a baseball card! The T206 Honus Wagner baseball card is one of the rarest in the world, and the price reflects that. It’s super valuable because Honus Wagner was one of the best players of his era, and he refused (for unknown reasons) to allow his image to be printed past the first 60 200 cards produced. Not only are these some of the most valuable antiques, they’re exciting because there may still be others out there.

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Coburn Dukehart / Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism Naela Cortes, from Green Bay, Wis., listens to speakers argue against Assembly Bill 190 during a gathering at the State Capitol in Madison, Wis., on Sept. 27, 2017. The protest was organized by the Milwaukee based group Voces de la Frontera.

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Of course, one does not become one of the top richest rappers in the USA (and in the world on a larger scale!) just by making music. Diddy started his own blothing line named Sean John, which was met with critical success. In addition to this major business investment, he also owns a restaurant (in Atlanta), designed the Dallas Mavericks jersey, aided in developing Ciroc (a brand of vodka), among many other things.

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